Let me tell you a Story

Let me tell you a story that happend to me, it was about Ten Years ago, I was 17 at the time, Living with my mother in Utah. I was still in high school at the time, and I had just got out for summer break. This was a troubling time for me, though I didn’t know it yet, my life was about to be flipped upside down and turned around. During this time in my life that I was going through some difficult mental revolutions. The only thing that I could possibly compare this too is a mid-life crisis, that’s about how I felt. The wanting to know the answers to the big questions in life. I don’t quite know why but even at an early age I knew that any real answers that i was going to get were going to start with me at a fundamental level. I didn’t find out until just recently that this type of thinking actually had a name and it is called ‘First principles thinking’, but more on that later.

I so eagerly wanted to know the answers of life such as ‘Who Am I?’, ‘Where Did We Come From?’, and ‘What Is My Purpose In Life?’ All of these questions and more did I want the answers to. So I made a personal choice that has forever changed how I perceive the world as well as me as an individual. Unbeknownst to me at the time I had made a drastic life altering decision, I asked the question ‘Why?’. Now on the surface this might not seem like much let alone a life altering decision. But as they say “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

First off let me start off my giving this warning. I don’t recommend that any body take this as a personal challenge, and for those of you who think they got what it takes take just know that this will require a HUGE amount of Mental Fortitude. Because without that saving grace I would more than likely be in a State Mental Hospital somewhere right now. Also if you do decide to do this just try not to travel down the rabbit hole too far. With that said lets get started.

Like I said earlier, I knew that any real answers that i was going to get were going to start with me at a fundamental level. So I devised a system if you will to help me better understand myself. I knew even then that the most perplexing of all the questions was ‘Why?’ The various multitudes of answers that you can receive from these three simple letters was more damming than anything you can even imagine. With this knowledge in hand I set forth to devise a system that would help me better understand myself at a more fundamental level. Now like all great systems, this one too had specific rules that were followed and maintained. Rule #1: Every thought that entered the mind would be put under the scrutiny of the question ‘Why?’. Rule #2: Every question must be answered. Rule #3: Every resulting answer must be placed under the scrutiny of ‘Why?’ until no more answers could be potentially reached.

With the system in play I was good to go. And so every day from the time I woke up to the time I fell asleep, I would ask myself the question why in my head and sometime out loud (I was a loud thinker), the question why to every thought I had, Here is an example of how one of these thoughts would go.

Lets start with something simple shall we.

Me: “It’s a nice day out today.” System: “Why?”

Me: ” Because the sun is out, its not too cloudy and it feels nice.” System: “Why does it feel nice?”

Me “Because I like this temperature. Not to cold but not boiling hot.” System: “Why?

Me: “Because we just had a storm last night. That’s why.”

This one simple statement evolved no less than three times through the system. Even from a psychological stand point this is an unprecedented phenomenon. This is truly just the tip of the iceberg. On several occasions through the use of this system I was frequently able to reach six levels of thought depth, and on a few rare occasion I was able to reach up to eight or nine levels deep. I will go into more detail in a latter post explaining the levels of the mind and on thoughts.

So why am I telling you all of this. Why do you need to know. The reason you need to know is because by doing this I was able to break through what felt like cement blocks, Layers of myself that have held me down and that have been inhibiting me not only from reaching my true inner self, but also keeping me from my true limitless potential.

After I was able to do all of this I knew that through this ‘system’, this ‘process’. That It would hold no more knowledge for me to receive. Now by the time I had this amazing revelation and experience, I had been following this system for about three months or so, and it was time to end it. This is were sheer Will Power and Mental Fortitude come into play.

Starting and keeping a system like this is easier than tearing it down and breaking it. think of this like creating a computer program in your mind. You generate the code, establish rate and function then you set it to automatic. however you didn’t install a back door or a dismiss function. So how do you confront something like this? Here is what I did.

This is not something that can be quit cold turkey, it takes time to do. First you have to resist the urge to not ask yourself the question ‘Why’, which when you are fighting a subconscious program can be very challenging. The next step is to change your day to day routine. In my case it involved getting up early, going on walks down different streets and roads, and also just meditating. By doing this everyday for about three weeks I was able to consciously delete a subconscious program that I created consciously. I had literally became the master of my own mind.

Finally after a long and difficult Three months I emerged a stronger person than I could have ever hoped to be, making me into the person I am today. Not only was I Stronger mentally, but I had developed a deep and comprehensive understanding of myself. This not only released me from personal fear but also allowed me to have greater awareness, and perception of the world around me. It also gave me greater Self awareness, and Self Control and Self Mastery. But it also allowed me to be a true individual at a fundamental level.

4 thoughts on “Let me tell you a Story

      1. I understand. Most times we get it the hard way, however, after all, life is tremendously beautiful


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