How does the mind and the body effect each other?

The mind and the body are so intricately connected that whatever the one does the other will respond in kind. This is almost always the case. however there are a few exceptions to this but more on that later. What I am going to talk about today is how our physical health affects our mental health.

Our minds are very powerful things that allow us to do great and almost miraculous things. But it is through our bodies that these things are accomplished. To put it in perspective, our minds are the operators and the body is the machine. Another way to look at it is, the mind is the driver and the body is the car

The mind and body fundamentally are two separate entities however they are co-dependent. The mind thinks while the body does. If you take one out of the equation the other will cease to work entirely. For example, If you take a normal person and you lay them out on a table and take out their brain, Their body will cease to function and the brain will die soon as well. This is how things work.

One Cannot Work Without the Other.

So the brain dies after it is taken out of the body because there is no more blood being pumped to the brain from the heart, so why does the body die? The body dies because the brain is in control of the body. Now that’s not to say that the body doesn’t have any self sustaining features of its own. To put it in an analogy, Say the brain is the overseer for a project. The overseer can take breaks from time to time while still knowing that the project is still getting completed. If the workers start having trouble they inform the overseer who makes whatever changes needed happen. The workers can still do there job, however they can not do anything that the overseer was in charge of handling, so the project gets canceled.

The brain is in charge of regulating our heart beating and our lungs pulling in oxygen. Yes the heart can beat and the lungs can expand and contract without being told. But the brain is the one that keeps these two in check so that they don’t cause us to suffocate or have a heart attack. The body can perform these actions on its own but it needs the brain to make sure that everything is going smoothly.

Our Physical Health Affects our Mental Health

Now we have all been told that we need to stay in shape and work out to stay healthy. And while yes, exercising is one of the things necessary to staying physically healthy, there are other things to consider. Such as your diet or the amount of sleep you get a night. all these things have an impact on your physical health and well being. But what contributes to our Mental health?

There is a number of things that go into the brain staying active and healthy. We can find one of the reasons in the previous sentence. An active mind is a healthy mind. Now i’m not going to tell you to throw away your phone and go to a library to read a book. Although reading a book is a way to keep the mind active. There are lots of ways to keep the mind active and healthy. Such as engaging in a verbal debate, Reading into a new topic, exploring new ideas or something as simple as having a conversation with someone else. I personally love playing a game of Sudoku to keep my mind sharp. But there are other factors involved with our mental state of being.

For instance the amount of sleep you get each night can have a huge impact on not only your physical well-being, but also your mental health as well. Sleep is a huge factor, not enough of it and we become confused, irritable, drowsy, less productive as well as just being bad company. There are also quite a few health risks involved with getting too little sleep over a long period of time.

The Effects of Sleep deprivation on the body

While sleep deprivation can happen to anybody, There are select few individuals out there who have conditions that cause them to get less than the required amount of sleep each night. Some of these conditions include:

However one of the easiest solution I have found to maintaining good mental health is to simply stay active. Get out of your house, go on a walk, visit a place you have never been before and simply explore. Being in new environments and new situations causes our brains to act differently than they would if you were just sitting at home watching a movie or your favorite television show.

Inactivity Is your worst enemy

The worst thing that you can do for both your mental and physical health is to do nothing, also known as being Stagnant. When water pools in an area and has no current or movement it will become stagnant, much like our minds. when stagnant water sits for long periods of time it will begin to grow bacteria and become a breeding ground for insects. When our minds sit inactive for too long with no activity we begin to lose sight of ourselves.

The following are the common characteristics of an idle mind.

1) Frustration 
2) Easily angered
3) Feelings of rejection 
4) Finding fault about everything 
5) Regrets 
6) Desperation. And others

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When You Lose Your Mind, You Lose Everything!

What first comes to mind when I think of a person who has lost their mind, the very first image that comes to mind is a person sitting in a wheel chair at a state mental hospital. They are essentially nothing more than a vegetable, just sitting there with a blank expression on there face unable to care for themselves. These are people who either through illness or disease or trauma have lost all control over their mental functions.

In the case of illness or disease, There really isn’t much that can be done. Things like Alzheimer’s and Dementia, these are things that we have very little control over at least until medicine and science progress further. But in the case of trauma or extreme stress, there is something that can be done. And that something is what I like to call a choice.

There is also something that can be done in the case of schizophrenia for more information on that Please, Please, PLEASE, go check out this movie. It was released In 2001 and the title of it is A Beautiful Mind. A great and epic tale of a Man named John Nash overcoming the biggest obstacles of his life. Go Watch the trailer for it HERE.

Like most things in life, we CHOOSE to handle any perceived situation. Even if the situation is traumatic. Such as the Sudden Lose of a Loved One, Medical trauma, Neglect, Physical or Sexual Abuse. Yes all of these things are just god’s awful and I would never wish any of things to happen to anybody, but the fact of the matter remains that no matter how horrifying these situations are; We still have control over our mental capabilities and are able to wake up the next morning and still be able to take care of ourselves.

We are still able to carry on in pursuit of our hopes our dreams and our ambitions. Even if it is hard, even if it is difficult, EVEN IF IT TEARS US UP INSIDE EACH AND EVERY DAY; we are still able to do it. But that person from before, the guy in the wheelchair sitting in the sun outside of the state mental health facility. That guy, will never be able to make his dreams come true because he has literally given up on his life, his hopes, and his ambitions. He chose to give up on his life and his mind and now that guy is nothing more than a vegetable waiting to die.

No matter what messed up, crap, piece of garbage situation you are in, if you lose your mind over it, that’s it your done. The reason being is because when you lose your mind, its not just your mind that you’ve lost. Its also all your hopes, all your dreams, and all your ambitions too.

Your mind is the most valuable thing you own, and once its gone. It’s GONE! There is no going back, there is no do over. You cant hit the reset button and everything is fine once again. Your done, that’s it, GAME OVER.

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