Don’t talk about it, BE about it.

Take the Leap

Have you ever been in a situation were you dislike something about yourself or your life. Then you turn around and say to yourself “I’m going to start a diet” or whatever the case may be. You say these things to yourself and then come next week you either haven’t started the diet or you did and then gave up on it a couple of days later. Change can be a hard thing to accomplish, but with enough conviction and willpower anything can be possible.

You can’t just talk about changing a certain aspect in your life and then expect it to happen. You need to not only put forth the time and the effort, but you also need to put forth the discipline necessary for it to happen.

For example many of us want to be rich, but many of us lack the discipline to become rich. The rich didn’t become rich by idly sitting around watching television and playing video games all day. They became rich by constantly studying and working on how they can achieve their wealth and there fortune. Even to the extent of sacrificing their sleep, free time, and personal relationships. So in the end they achieved their dreams, But at great personal sacrifice.

Now there are exceptions to the rule where someone didn’t work to become rich and simply inherited their wealth. But these people are seriously lacking in other fields of development as well, such as social interactions, motivation, determination and compassion.

Know What you Want

It can be difficult to pinpoint or identify what in your life is truly making you unhappy, but once you have figured it out then you can start to do something about it. For instance, I was working as a hod tender for a masonry outfit a while back and at the time my life was going pretty good, I had a job I liked, could afford all the games I wanted, I had a vehicle, and was pretty much my own man. But I realized that something was missing from my life, I was alone. After coming to the realization that I didn’t like being by myself I decided to take up the search and look for someone to be with.Now for some a relationship isn’t the best thing, but for others it is the only thing there interested in.

All of us have different ideas about what our ideal life should look like. Whether it’s to be rich, in a relationship, or to be thin and skinny, or just be a better person in general. It all starts with first knowing what you want.

Get Informed

After you first decide what it is that you want out of life, the next step then becomes to know how to do it. So if you want to drop as much weight as fast as possible, get a firm grasp on the concepts of diet, exercise, calorie intake and calorie output.

Learn from other people. If you want to become rich, then the first thing that I recommend is reading up on people who are rich and see what you can’t learn from their success and how they obtained that success. And learn to harness the power of passive income.

If you want to lose weight then seek out advice and information that will help lead you in the right direction. Go out and find people that have been in your situation before and see what you can’t learn from them.

The better informed you are the easier it becomes to obtain your goal. Read a book, take a class, find someone who has been in your situation before and find out how they changed their life. There is almost a never ending supply of information right at the tips of your fingers, so I would highly recommend that you use it. just remember when it comes to chasing your dreams, Knowledge Is Power.

Figure out a Plan and/or get the right Skills

Once you’ve gotten some of the basic information needed the next thing that you need to do is figure out a plan and start developing the skills necessary to obtain your goal.

In my case I knew that I wanted to be in a relationship but I also knew that I wasn’t going to find someone by sitting at home playing video games all day. So I put forth the effort and started going to places where I might potentially meet someone. I did try the online scene but that didn’t go anywhere. So I started frequent bars and social events more frequently and since I also have two huskies I started going to dog parks more often as well.

If your intention is to lose weight then the first step would be to start and maintaining a schedule. Get up at the same time every day and go to bed at the same time as well. Doing this will start to get you into a habit that is more easy to adapt to and maintain. After you have a consistent schedule then you can start to focus on appropriate meal planning and exercise routines. You will be less tempted to eat out as often because you won’t have the time for it. Schedule your time for activities such as a morning jog or taking a hot shower, whatever works best for you.

But if it’s money you seek then the advice above is exceedingly helpful as well. Get and maintain a strict schedule and start developing your math and comprehension skills. Start and maintain a strict budget, limit how much you go out to eat, and try to cut needless spending where you can. Learn which of the many market niches best applies to you and which one you actually want to pursue. There are many, many ways to become wealthy, but the trick of it is to find one that you actually want to invest and get invested in, and how to go about even getting into that field.

After you have figured out a plan for yourself it is important to set goals as well. This will help you to stay on track and to help keep you focused on your end goal.

For example; After you have set up a budget and finally were able to put a target amount into your savings for that month, go ahead and treat yourself to a night out with friends.

Or if your losing weight and you finally lost those fist ten pounds (kilos) go ahead and get yourself a hot fudge sundae. YOU EARNED IT!

Reaping the Rewards

After following a strict schedule and setting goals you will start to see results after a period of time. Small results will lead to big results. taking morning jogs and taking in fewer calories has lead you to becoming the thinner you that you have always wanted to be. congratulations you did it.

While following a strict budget can help you save money you also came to find out how to invest your money in things that will help grow your financial future. Start to see small grows and sustain them. your end goals are in sight you just have to maintain them.

For me after spending some time in public places I was able to find someone who I was interested in dating. We connected on many levels and I am still with her to this day.

Anything is possible if you know how to achieve it. But it takes Time, Planning, Skill, Discipline, and Knowledge. If you would like help obtaining your goals please feel free to message me on my website at and I will endeavor to help you make your goals and dreams happen.

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