The Silent Temple – Zen Kōan

Tofuku Temple Shoichi was a one-eyed teacher of Zen, sparkling with enlightenment. He taught his disciples in Tofuku temple. Day and night the whole temple stood in silence. There was no sound at all. Even the reciting of sutras was abolished by the teacher. His pupils had nothing to do but meditate. When the master … Continue reading The Silent Temple – Zen Kōan

Finding a Diamond on a Muddy Road – Zen Kōan

Gudo was the emperor's teacher of his time. Nevertheless, he used to travel alone as a wandering mendicant. Once when he was on his way to Edo, the cultural and political center of the shogunate, he approached a little village named Takenaka. It was evening and a heavy rain was falling. Gudo was thoroughly wet. … Continue reading Finding a Diamond on a Muddy Road – Zen Kōan